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LinkedBrainz @ ESWC

LinkedBrainz technologies and results will be presented as part of two tutorials at the Extended Semantic Web Conference in Crete this month.

First LinkedBrainz' Barry Norton, together with Chris Bizer and Denny Vrandecic, will present on the MusicBrainz Linked Data set as part of the ESWC Summer School's Linked Open Data and Linked Services topics. More than 40 students are registered to this event.

New researchers on LinkedBrainz project

Two new researchers have started on the LinkedBrainz project: in March, Cedric Mesnage joined us from the University of Lugano where he just submitted his PhD, and in April, Barry Norton joined from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology where he was working on the and projects.

Getting started with LinkedBrainz D2R mappings

For the benefit of any interested parties, here is a brief guide to getting a LinkedBrainz D2R server up and running.

MusicNet-LinkedBrainz meeting

Dan and Kurt collaborating

Last Friday (2010-10-22) members of the mSpace MusicNet team met with the LinkedBrainz team at Queen Mary University of London.  The MusicNet Project aims to disambiguate classical composers across a series of resources and publish the results as linked data.

How many MusicBrainz pages will have RDFa?

 Update: we grossly over-estimated RDFa pages at first - there's no multiplication by artist numbers, only an additional summation of recordings, releases, works, and release groups 

The question was recently posed, how many pages will contain RDFa in the new MusicBrainz release?  Here are some "back of the napkin" calculations.

In the most recent NGS database dump we have:

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