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RDF Dump

With the LinkedBrainz D2R fork running under the latest revision of mappings we have produced an dump of the current RDF translation of the MusicBrainz NGS dataset. This is now 23.8GB of NTriples, ~180M assertions, which are available as a 2.7GB gzip compressed download.

In order to load this dump it is necessary to chunk it into manageable pieces. For instance, to load into OWLIM execute the following:
$split -l 1000000 musicbrainz_ngs_dump.rdf.ttl.gz $owlim/preload

LinkedBrainz at ESWC

The MusicBrainz API, together with the LinkedBrainz approach exposing the dataset as Linked Data, were used as motivation for Linked Services in a tutorial at the ESWC. Linked Open Services, specifically, are the combination of Linked Data principles with the entire RESTful interface increasingly used in the provision of Web-based APIs.

LinkedBrainz at ESWC Summer School

Tutorials on Linked Data, Linked Services and Ontology Design were presented at the ESWC Summer School, each using LinkedBrainz and the Music Ontology as examples. As well as the recently-released live RDFa on, the students were given early access to a SPARQL endpoint via D2R for the purposes of group projects undertaken, with the supervision of tutors, during the week.

A very positive outcome was a promising prototype for a extension, produced using GreaseMonkey, concerning the indirect attribution of affect to music via association to pictures with established affect.

LinkedBrainz Live!

After a long week of testing the MusicBrainz NGS has been completed, and with it the first stage of the LinkedBrainz roll-out. MusicBrainz pages now contain RDFa annotations with LinkedData content describing artists, albums, tracks, etc.

The screenshot, for instance, uses the W3C's RDFa Highlight bookmarklet for Firefox to show the position of annotations within the Metallica page on MusicBrainz.

MusicNet Workshop

The LinkedBrainz project was very happy to participate in the Music Linked Data Workshop at JISC London Meeting Rooms on 12th May. Our slides have been made available, together with others from the workshop, here.

Of particular note was our announcement of the plan that LinkedBrainz RDFa annotation would go live with the MusicBrainz NGS schema on 16th May. In fact the final full roll-out, due to unforeseen issues with the MusicBrainz XML web service, was on 19th May (see following post).

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