Project Plan Post 3 of 7: Risk Analysis and Success Plan

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The success of the project can be measured in immediate terms by semantic web traffic: the number of web site hits with an "Accept RDF" header, or the number of distinct users connecting to the SPARQL endpoint. In the longer term, the use of MusicBrainz URIs in third party tools and services,
and eventually new studies (enabled by being able to query the linked data) will also indicate the success of the project.

We have identified a number of risks, which are listed with mitigation actions:

1) The MusicBrainz user community votes against the proposed changes
(Likelihood: Low; Impact: Medium)
The MusicBrainz community is already involved from before the beginning of the project, so that their feedback influences all design decisions, which will then be reflected in successive iterations of the RDF mapping. Nevertheless, if the user community still fails to support the project, we can mirror the MusicBrainz data and keep it current via live feed.

2) UK HE end users fail to see the relevance of the work
(Likelihood: Medium; Impact: High)
We collaborate with a number of end users in both music information retrieval and musicology and will seek feedback from them at the planned workshops to ensure that the project outputs will be highly relevant to users.

3) Software development deadlines not met
(Likelihood: Modest; Impact: Medium)
Our group has extensive experience in software engineering that we can draw upon if problems are encountered. We shall also contribute to and draw upon the mutual support available via the JISC developer community.

4) Management difficulties
(Likelihood: Low; Impact: High)
The PI can draw on the wealth of experience of the CI and other senior members of C4DM if necessary.

5) Greater success than expected
(Likelihood: Medium; Impact: High)
The MusicBrainz servers are well-equipped to handle millions of requests per day, and their programmers are experienced in writing efficient code for high data throughput and will review project code before it goes live.

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