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LinkedBrainz at ESWC

The MusicBrainz API, together with the LinkedBrainz approach exposing the dataset as Linked Data, were used as motivation for Linked Services in a tutorial at the ESWC. Linked Open Services, specifically, are the combination of Linked Data principles with the entire RESTful interface increasingly used in the provision of Web-based APIs.

LinkedBrainz at ESWC Summer School

Tutorials on Linked Data, Linked Services and Ontology Design were presented at the ESWC Summer School, each using LinkedBrainz and the Music Ontology as examples. As well as the recently-released live RDFa on MusicBrainz.org, the students were given early access to a SPARQL endpoint via D2R for the purposes of group projects undertaken, with the supervision of tutors, during the week.

A very positive outcome was a promising prototype for a Last.fm extension, produced using GreaseMonkey, concerning the indirect attribution of affect to music via association to pictures with established affect.

LinkedBrainz @ ESWC

LinkedBrainz technologies and results will be presented as part of two tutorials at the Extended Semantic Web Conference in Crete this month.

First LinkedBrainz' Barry Norton, together with Chris Bizer and Denny Vrandecic, will present on the MusicBrainz Linked Data set as part of the ESWC Summer School's Linked Open Data and Linked Services topics. More than 40 students are registered to this event.

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