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RDFa test server online

 We are happy to announce a new RDFa test server for those interested in what the RDFa we're embedding in MusicBrainz will look like.  This effort is far from complete, if you find something missing or incorrect we'd love to hear about it on the Music Ontology specification mailing list.  One notable omission is that of the Advanced Relationships which we hope to cover eventually.  But all the core entity types should include some valid RDFa.  Also, there is some RDFa for the entities that have pagination (xhv:next, xhv:prev) and tabs (rdfs:seeAlso).

You can consume the RDFa with your favorite RDFa parser.  For testing, we've been using the rapper command line tool and check.rdfa.info.  If you have rapper installed, you can execute the following command to see the embedded RDFa for the release "Sex Machine" by James Brown as Turtle RDF:

rapper -i rdfa -o turtle http://mbz.catfishsmooth.net/release/aaa64bfa-2f93-46ee-b6aa-48baf0775b4b

This should work for any core entity.  Give it a go and let us know!

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