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Towards D2RQ Mappings

We have previously discussed RDB2RDF technology and found some information about available implementations.  Now we have further explored some of the implementation options.  In our survey, we found that there are basically two viable production-level tools for making SPARQL queries against a relational database: the Virtuoso server and the D2R server.

Learning from RDB2RDF at W3C

The LinkedBrainz project is primarily about mapping a relation database (the MusicBrainz DB) into RDF. The W3C RDB2RDF Working Group is focused on use cases just like this. The mission of the working group is to standardize a language for mapping relational data and relational database schemas into RDF and OWL. Richard Cyganiak recommended a video of the working group's recent panel discussion.

From Relational Databases to the Semantic Web: New W3C Standards and Directions Part One from Semantic Universe on Vimeo.

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