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LinkedBrainz lives on at new site

March 2014: Barry Norton has been continuing the work of LinkedBrainz over the last 3 years since the project's funding ended. He recently published a SPARQL endpoint for accessing the MusicBrainz database at

New researchers on LinkedBrainz project

Two new researchers have started on the LinkedBrainz project: in March, Cedric Mesnage joined us from the University of Lugano where he just submitted his PhD, and in April, Barry Norton joined from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology where he was working on the and projects.

How many MusicBrainz pages will have RDFa?

 Update: we grossly over-estimated RDFa pages at first - there's no multiplication by artist numbers, only an additional summation of recordings, releases, works, and release groups 

The question was recently posed, how many pages will contain RDFa in the new MusicBrainz release?  Here are some "back of the napkin" calculations.

In the most recent NGS database dump we have:

Adventures in ad hoc RDFa development for MusicBrainz

This post is intended to describe, in some detail, the implementation of RDFa within the MusicBrainz NGS codebase.  The casual reader will perhaps not be interested in these details.  The intended audience includes future LinkedBrainz/MusicBrainz developers or other developers faced with the task of injecting RDFa into a Model-View-Template web application.

The future of MusicBrainz URIs

One of the great strengths of the MusicBrainz project is disambiguation.  Each artist, label, release, release group, recording gets its own universally unique identifier or, in MusicBrainz parlance, an MBID.  This allows us to easily distinguish between two recordings of the same work or two artists that happen to have the same name.

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