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The LinkedBrainz project is intended to help MusicBrainz publish its database as linked data. The MusicBrainz community provides crowd-sourced metadata about music in a clean and comprehensive way. Linked data is simply a method for publishing structured data on the web.
LinkedBrainz will provide:

  1. a mapping of NGS and ARs to RDF
  2. integration with MusicBrainz server code to provide dereferenceable URIs
  3. a SPARQL endpoint for querying MusicBrainz data

Research issues concern the scalability, sustainability and provenance of the database. Uptake of this work will be encouraged via tutorial materials and workshops for the academic music and music informatics communities.


Simon Dixon of the Centre for Digital Music is the Principal Investigator on the project and author of the grant proposal.

Kurt Jacobson (kurtjx) also helped write the proposal and was employed on a consulting basis for 3 months.

Cedric Mesnage joined the project on 1 March 2011. He was formerly a PhD student at the University of Lugano and worked on the EU FP7 project NEPOMUK.

Dr Barry Norton joined LinkedBrainz on 1 April 2011 from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology where he worked on the EU FP7 SOA4All and PlanetData projects.


Funding for LinkedBrainz comes from JISC